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MLIR dialectslink

These pages contain automatically generated documentation for the MLIR dialects defined in the IREE repository. IREE also makes extensive use of dialects from the upstream MLIR repository, which are documented at

IREE internal dialectslink

These dialects are an implementation detail of the IREE compiler, though they can be used by plugins and other advanced integrations. The sources for most of these dialects can be found in the iree/compiler/Dialect/ directory.

Dialect Description
Check Defines assertions for IREE tests
Encoding Tensor encoding attributes and related ops
Flow Models execution data flow and partitioning
HAL Represents operations against the IREE HAL1
HAL/Inline Inline HAL interop runtime module dialect
HAL/Loader HAL inline executable loader runtime module dialect
IO/Parameters External parameter resource management APIs
IREECodegen Common functionality used by IREE code generation
IREEGPU Common functionality used by GPU focused IREE code generation
LinalgExt Extensions to the Linalg dialect for specific operations
Stream Model execution partitioning and scheduling
Util Types and ops common across IREE subdialects
VM Represents operations against an abstract virtual machine
VMVX Virtual Machine Vector Extensions

IREE public dialectslink

The ops in these dialects are legal to include in compiler inputs. The sources for these dialects can be found in the llvm-external-projects/iree-dialects/ directory that is designed to be used from other projects via LLVM's external projects mechanism.

Dialect Description
IREEInput Structural ops legal as input to IREE's compiler
IREEVectorExt Extensions to the Vector dialect for specific operations

  1. Hardware Abstraction Layer