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Release managementlink

IREE cuts automated releases via a workflow that is triggered daily. The only constraint placed on the commit that is released is that it has passed all CI checks. These are published on GitHub with the "pre-release" status. For debugging this process, see the Release debugging playbook.

We periodically promote one of these candidates to a "stable" release by removing the "pre-release" status. This makes it show up as a "latest" release on GitHub. We also push the Python packages for this release to PyPI.

Picking a candidate to promotelink

When selecting a candidate we use the following criteria:

  1. ⪆4 days old so that problems with it may have been spotted
  2. Contains no P0 regressions vs the previous stable release
  3. LLVM submodule commit ideally exists upstream (no cherry picks or patches)

When you've identified a potential candidate, email the iree-discuss list with the proposal and solicit feedback. People may point out known regressions or request that some feature make the cut.

Promoting a candidate to stablelink

  1. (Authorized users only) Push to PyPI using

  2. Open the release on GitHub. Rename the release from "candidate" to "stable", uncheck the option for "pre-release", and check the option for "latest".