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Community projectslink

Projects built by community members:

  • The SHARK project offers user interfaces for running a large corpus of machine learning programs.

  • The sharktank project contains modeling and serving libraries for popular genai applications.

  • The SHARK-Turbine project is an integration repository for various model bringup activities. Several parts of SHARK-Turbine graduated to iree-turbine and sharktank.

  • The IREE Bare-Metal Arm Sample shows how to build IREE with the Arm GNU Toolchain for bare-metal Arm targets using the open-source firmware libraries CMSIS and libopencm3.

  • The IREE C++ Template shows one way to integrate IREE's runtime into a project with CMake.

Official repositories:

  • iree-turbine is home to IREE's PyTorch frontend.

  • iree-jax is home to IREE's AOT support for JAX programs.

  • iree-experimental includes various samples and prototypes built with IREE.

  • iree-llvm-sandbox contains experimental work by the IREE team closely related to LLVM and MLIR, usually with the aim of contributing back to those upstream projects.