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CMake with ccachelink

ccache is a compilation cache. In principle, just prepending compiler invocations with ccache is all one needs to enable it, e.g.

ccache clang foo.c -c -o foo.o

takes care of executing clang with these arguments and caches the output file foo.o. The next invocation then skips executing clang altogether.

When the cache is hit, the speedup is such that the "compilation" becomes essentially free. However, ccache only caches compilation, not linking.

Here a few scenarios where ccache helps:

  • Incremental rebuilds. While cmake always tries to avoid unnecessary work in incremental rebuilds, it can only make simple decisions based on file timestamps. ccache sees deeper: if the raw source code isn't readily a cache hit, it will then try again after preprocessing and discarding comments.
  • One pain point with cmake is having to start over from a clean build directory from time to time, which by default means paying again the full cost of a cold build. Thankfully ccache keeps its cache outside of any cmake build directory, so the first build in the new clean build directory may be very fast.

Installing and setting up ccachelink

ccache is available on most platforms. On Debian-based Linux distributions, do:

sudo apt install ccache

The one ccache setting that you probably need to configure is the maximum cache size. The default 5G is too small for our purposes. To set the cache max size, do this once:

ccache --max-size=20G

Tip: At the moment (late 2020), most of the code we're building is third_party/llvm-project so the fundamental limiting factor to how far we can cache away rebuilds is how often that dependency gets updated. Given how frequently it currently is updated, I'm finding that 20G is enough to make the ccache size not be the limiting factor.

Telling CMake to use ccachelink

Use the CMake COMPILER_LAUNCHER functionality by setting CMAKE_C_COMPILER_LAUNCHER=ccache and CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_LAUNCHER=ccache in your


  • This approach only works with the Ninja and Makefile generators (cmake -G flag). When using other generators, another approach is needed, based on wrapping the compiler in a script that prepends ccache. See this article.

Ensuring that ccache is used and monitoring cache hitslink

The ccache -s command dumps statistics, including a cache hit count and ratio. It's convenient to run periodically with watch in a separate terminal:

watch -n 0.1 ccache -s  # update the stats readout every 0.1 seconds